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updated: 15 may 2017

Get simple tips to improve your life on a constant basis.

I’m in Angra, Rio, Brazil, trying to lead a simple life with my wife Martha and some of our children. This is what I spend my time doing:

  • Being a more attentive husband, father and teacher.
  • Creating videos that help students learn Portuguese and English and achieve their goals on language learning.
  • Studing how to create animated videos.
  • Working on an online course, intitled 'One Minute Portuguese'. Then, 'One Minute English' - and so on.
  • Reading books
  • Swimming regularly
  • Training a bit to improve my soccer skills - after decades without playing.

These are my priorities right now.

I am open to work with new students online, as I highly value one-to-one interaction, companionship and results. However, as I want to focus on my priorities most of the time, I ponder about each request that come my way now.

As soon as my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.

This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself, and it helps me keep my focus in the present. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.

my mission
what excites me even on a monday morning

1. Write books. I've written 15 books so far. Some about language learning. Some about memoirs. Some just for fun. My goal is to write at least a meaningful book every year.

2. Teach languages. I've been involved with language learning since 1991. First as a learner, then as a teacher. I taught myself English and Spanish.

3. Keep learning. I always have an ongoing project to dedicate my time. Since the days when I was a teenager practicing piano with a paper keyboard on the kitchen table until last month when I improved my swimming skills with YouTube videos, learning is my thing. To see my list of goals, click here.

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