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Pathway Graduates - Madureira, Rio de Janeiro

December 18, 2015

Yesterday we finished the Pathway Program from BYU-Idaho. It was a looong year. My wife and I have been studying online since January. Every Thursday, since January, we traveled  390km to meet other students in Rio de Janeiro city.

We learned a lot. We made new friends. We got closer to each other. It was a challenge. It was tiring. It was wonderful.

And we are grateful to be able to apply for an online degree at BYU-Idaho. It is a very nice college, and from now on we can take a new course, 100% online.

We thank God, our family, our staff at BLZ and all those who supported us in this journey…

The best is yet to come! =D

My journals from 1985 to 2003.

December 17, 2015

When I was young, I kept a journal for many years. I started writing in 1985 and wrote until 2003. Once, I wrote for forty days in a row. When you write your thoughts, it is much easier to be grateful, to see the bigger picture, to take decisions.

Sometimes I look back and read some of my journals. I can see how much my life has changed, how many good counsels my mom gave me, and how many challenges I faced along the way.

I hope to write a little every day, and see how many days I can write nonstop. I believe that by writing regularly, I will become a better person.