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How to Wake Up Feeling Great

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Each night your brain moves through several sleep cycles. 

At the start of each cycle you enter ligth sleep, then move to deep sleep, then dream and finally move back to light sleep.

These cycles take about 90 minutes each and you feel most refreshed if you wake up at the end of a cycle because then you are closest to your normal waking state.

To increase the chances of this, decide when you want to wake up, then count back in 90-minute blocks until you find the time closest to when you want to fall sleep.

So, let's imagine you want to wake up at 8am. Chuncking back in 90-minute blocks will look like this. And so you should aim to fall asleep at either 11 o'clock or half past twelve at night.

And so especially if you want to wake up alert and refreshed, simply follow the 90-minute rule.